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Social Media and Digital Marketing Skills

This course endeavours to provide learners with a comprehensive grasp of social media and digital marketing strategies, tools, and techniques. Its goal is to empower individuals to craft impactful campaigns and achieve tangible results within the dynamic realm of digital platforms

  • Gain a deep comprehension of various social media platforms and their functionalities.
  • Develop the ability to analyze market trends and consumer behaviour within the digital landscape.
  • Acquire skills to create effective digital marketing campaigns tailored to specific audiences and objectives.
  • Familiarize oneself with a range of digital marketing tools and platforms to optimize campaigns.
  • Learn how to measure and interpret campaign performance using analytics tools and utilize data for informed decision-making.
  • Develop strategies for creating engaging and relevant content across diverse digital platforms.
  • Understand techniques to build and engage online communities, fostering brand loyalty and interaction.
  • Cultivate an adaptable mindset to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape, embracing new technologies and trends.
  • Explore the ethical implications of digital marketing practices and develop a sense of responsible and sustainable marketing strategies.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge through practical exercises, case studies, or real-world simulations to enhance hands-on experience in crafting and executing digital marketing campaigns.

Introductory course - 10 weeks.
Intermediate courses - 3 to 6 months.
Advanced or comprehensive programs -6 months to a year 

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Overview: Understanding the digital marketing landscape and its evolution History, current trends, and future projections
Social Media Platforms Deep Dive
Overview: In-depth exploration of major social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) - Features, demographics, best practices
Digital Strategy Development
Overview: Crafting effective digital marketing strategies
Targeting, positioning, content planning and developing a mock digital marketing plan, strategy
Content Creation and Management
Overview: Creating compelling content for digital platforms, Content types,
storytelling, content calendars
Social Media Analytics and Metrics
Overview: Understanding and utilizing analytics tools for measuring campaign success Metrics analysis, ROI measurement
Paid Advertising and Optimization
Overview: Leveraging paid strategies for digital marketing success
Ad creation, targeting, A/B testing, Creating and optimizing ads, budget allocation exercises
Community Engagement and Brand Building
Overview: Building and engaging online communities
Engagement strategies, brand voice, customer relationship management
Ethics and Responsibility in Digital Marketing
Overview: Exploring ethical considerations in digital marketing practices Privacy, transparency, responsible advertising
Emerging Trends and Future of Digital Marketing
Overview: Embracing innovation and upcoming trends in the digital marketing sphere AI, AR/VR, voice search, sustainability in marketing
Final Assessment
Overview: Application of leamed skills in a comprehensive project
Project proposal, execution, presentation, designing and executing a full-fledged digital marketing campaign, final presentation.